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Troy's friends are two boys Troy Perkins are friends with from school. The live in the Hillside district of Astoria.


One friend has short, brown hair. He wears a red sweater over a light collared shirt and khakis.

The other has short blonde hair. He wears a red, blue, and white long sleeve shirt over a light button-up shirt.


After the incident with the plumbing at the Astoria Country Club, Troy heads out to the Moss Garden Wishing Well to hang out with his friends. They tease him about his involvement with Andy, and Troy reveals he plans to sleep with her. Their merriment is interrupted when they discover Andy and the Goonies down in the well. With their help, a bucket is sent down to help them all escape; however, when they pull it back up, they discover that Andy has ditched Troy, by means of giving back his yellow letter jacket, and awkwardly leave to give him space to be angry.

Behind the scenes[]

The blonde friend was portrayed by Jeb Adams, and the brunette friend by Eric Briant Wells. This was Wells' first film role.


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