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The Goonies is a 1985 American adventure movie directed by Richard Donner.


The same day that a family of notorious criminals escape jail is the last day before the Goon Docks of Astoria are to be sold away to the Astoria Country Club. The Goonies, who live in the Goon Docks, discover an old treasure map previously belonging to One-Eyed Willy, an infamous pirate with a treasure that has been long forgotten. With their last hurrah, they set off to discover the treasure hidden below Astoria to save their home, while avoiding the Fratellis and Willy's deadly booby traps along the way.


During lunch time at the Clatsop County Jail, Jake Fratelli tricks a Prison Guard into believing he's committed suicide before knocking the guard unconscious and leaving the cell after leaving a pipe he was using as a counterweight beam behind. As part of their escape plan, his brother, Francis Fratelli, pours a trail of gasoline around the main entrance of the jail, as Mama Fratelli, the matriarch of the Fratelli clan and Jake and Francis' mother, waits in their black Jeep Cherokee XJ. At Mama Fratelli's call, Francis tosses the empty gasoline tank away and runs to the car, getting in and loading his revolver. Mama Fratelli sense Jake coming and revs the car. Jake walks out of the prison complex and tries to get Francis to unlock the car door, only for Francis to tell him to let go of the handle, which Jake replies he does not have the handle and for Francis to open the lock. As soon as Jake enters the vehicle via the sunroof as per Mama Fratelli's suggestion, the police arrive onto the scene, and Francis shoots the gasoline on the ground, forming a line of fire which blocks the initial line of cops, giving them enough time to drive away as Francis cackles in triumph. A long police chase ensues going all around Astoria with both sides trading gunfire while Mama Fratelli snacks on a burrito, as the back of the ORV suffers minor damage via bullet holes: At a high school football field, Andrea Carmichael, or "Andy" for short, is getting her cheerleading squad to make a victory pyramid while a group of football players practice on passes and tackles as the chase goes on in the background; Rosalita, a Spanish-speaking woman, scurries out of the road in shock right after the Fratellis and the police speed past; Elsewhere, Clarke Devereaux, or "Mouth" as per his talkative persona, is watching an unrelated chase before turning the television off as the chase continues outside his house, and he tries to help his father repair a sink pipe, only for a gout of water gush from the drain pipe and smack him square in the face, with his father apologizing about it; On the docks, Stephanie Steinbrenner, also known as Stef, is fishing in a barrel with her head submurged while the Fratellis and the police speed by, and she surfaces with a crab in hand and tosses the crab aside; Meanwhile, at a junkyard, Richard Wang, called "Data" because of his impeccable intellect, is testing a new invention involving launching a small suction cup attached to a line of string toward a trash can, and then slowly pulling the can to him. Sadly, the trash can stops in place due to a chain on one wheel, pulling a shocked Data towards the can and making him fall head first into the can, thrashing his legs about as the chase continues on past; Lastly, at a pizza restaurant, it is Lawrence Cohen, or "Chunk" due to his fondness for food, who witnesses the chase while playing an arcade game.. however, his smoothie splatters on his face, and he smears the smoothie and his pizza on the window and curses in anger. Eventually, the Fratellis escape from the police by passing a "DO NOT ENTER" sign, forcing the police officers to skid to a halt right in front of it, and they come to a brief stop in a small ditch with water, with Mama Fratelli chuckling triumphantly. When asked by Jake what they are doing there, Mama Fratelli states to trust in her before requesting Francis to throw it into four wheel drive and to hold on to their hats. Francis puts the ORV into four wheel drive before the Fratellis drive off in a local ORV beach race.

Facing foreclosure of their homes in the Goon Docks area of Astoria to an expanding country club, Michael "Mikey" Walsh tries deluding himself into preferring the move as his older brother, Brandon "Brand" Walsh, works out. The rest of Mikey's friends–the titular "Goonies"– start showing up at their house: First, Mouth arrives with a can of Pepsi in hand and teases Brand for failing his driver's test, making Brandon angry while he works out using a black chest expander. Then, Chunk shows up, asking to have the gate opened for him, but Mouth requests for him to do the Truffle Shuffle with insistence, which Chunk reluctantly does, before Mikey tells a laughing Mouth to stop and activates a Rube Goldberg device to open the gate. As Mouth and Mikey feed the fish per Brand's request, Chunk proceeds to tell them about the police car chase, but no one believes him due to his past of telling outlandish stories. Finally, Data quite literally crashes through their screen door via zip line from his upstairs window, pulling the screen from the doorframe and knocking everyone else and a small household plant down, and resulting in Chunk foolishly breaking the penis off of their tabletop replica of the David sculpture that falls off the table, much to Brand's dismay. As Chunk and Mikey try fixing it, Mouth jokes they would not be here if the privates were not, to Mikey and Brand's displeasure. Data asks if anyone has heard of Detroit, Michigan. Mikey dismissively tries to respond no, but Mouth states he has, saying that it is where Motown started and that it has the greatest murder rate in the country. Data states that it just might be where the Goonies will go to if they lose their houses the next day, to which Mikey dismissively refuses before finishing that Irving Walsh, Mikey and Brand's father, would fix that. After getting himself upside down on a metal bar above the kitchen doorway as part of his workout schedule, Brand sarcastically states that Irving shall, if he gets four hundred paychecks by the next afternoon, to which Mikey angrily rebukes. A second later, Irene Walsh, Mikey and Brand's mother, stops by the house and introduces the five boys to Rosalita, who is there to help them with packing until Irene's left arm is fully recovered, and the boys greet her. Irene explains that Rosalita has no knowledge of the English tongue, stating that some of them might have taken Spanish in school. Luckily, Mouth offers to translate to Rosalita, which pleases Irene, who takes Rosalita around and scolds Mikey for eating too much potato chips while passing by Brandon, who is still hanging upside down, while mixing the names up, to which Brand corrects. Chunk asks Mikey if Irene will notice the mess, though unintelligible due to Chunk's mouth full of potato chips; Mikey replies that Irene will notice, as she always notices everything. In the bedroom, Irene is explaining to Rosalita that clothing should be placed in cardboard boxes instead of suitcases, asking Mouth to translate, though he teases her by saying that marijuana goes in the top drawer, cocaine and speed in the second drawer, and heroin in the bottom, and to always seperate the drugs before walking off and containing his laughter, as Rosalita stares in disbelief. In the living room, Chunk has glued the piece piece on the statue upside down, to which Mikey scolds him for doing so, and Brand states if they were made that way they would urinate all over their faces. Chunk sheepishly states it is fine to him as Mikey and Data just giggle. Next, Irene shows Rosalita the attic and closes the door, stating that no one is ever allowed access by her husband, to which Mouth again teases her by saying that the attic is full of sexual torture devices. Rosalita stares at the attic door for a moment before Mouth taps on her left shoulder to get her attention. Lastly, Irene shows Rosalita the supply closet - brooms, dust pans, insect sprays, and more, requesting the house to be cleaned when it is to be demolished. As always, Mouth teases Rosalita by stating if the job is bad she'd be locked up with cockroaches for two weeks with no food or water. Irene says to Rosalita that she would be happy at the Walsh house, and states to Mouth they have so much to do, complimenting him on being fluent on foreign languages. Rosalita states to herself that she is in a crazy house. After Irene requests that Brand keep Mikey in the house due to Mikey's respiratory issues despite Brand taunting Irene before she threatens to punish him if Mikey goes outside, that Data use the backdoor for the time being, and that some crumbs of potato chips and the fallen plant on the floor to be removed and cleaned, she and Rosalita leave for the grocery store, promising to return in an hour. After Brand gives Mikey a noogie, when Mouth asks what Irving has up in the attic, Mikey states they will be taken to the curator at the museum. Then, shortly afterward, the Goonies decide to root around the attic to look at Irving's stored museum pieces, despite Mikey's pleas that they do not proceed upwards.

Up in the attic, they discover pirate memorabilia and artifacts as Brandon admits he did not know Irving had them up in the attic, and the other boys take a moment to look around. Mikey tries to remind his friends about Irene's warning about not wanting anyone up in the attic, only for Clarke to state he cannot believe Mikey has something this impressive in his house. Micheal again tries to disuade the others from messing with the artifacts when Lawrence states he and his clan have nothing but Hanukkah decorations in his attic. Mikey tries to dismiss this stating he cares little about it, but a clap of thunder rumbles over the house, catching the boys off guard. Mikey tries to get them to leave the attic, but Richard states it's time to stay a while. Mikey states it is rather dusty in the attic, that his hayfever is acting up and they always break something when Clarke tries to tease him by mimicking a woman's voice behind a painting. When he foolishly prods his tongue through the hole in the parchment, Mikey exposes Mouth's prank and scolds him for ruining the painting. Mouth counters Mikey is ruining the joke and the painting is already cracked. Mikey states Mouth is messing it up, to which Mouth scoffs who should care. Mikey then scolds Mouth for touching the painting and to get off of it. Lawrence asks what artifacts are, and Micheal states they did a show, a retrospective as Brandon puts it, and the retelling of the history of Astoria, and these are the rejects. Lawrence states that the rejects are kind of like they are, the Goonies. Clarke states he is not a reject, and Mikey tells Chunk to take the outfit off before he gets him in trouble. Brandon and Richard are investigating a laser ball while Lawrence checks out another laser divice. Micheal states to Clarke to put something back if he drops it, and then curiously discovers a dusty old framed map written in spanish and has Chunk break the glass of the frame it was stored inside. When Brand attributes it to One-Eyed Willy, a local infamous pirate despite, Mikey recalls a story told to him by his father, about Willy; the story goes that One-Eyed Willy stole treasure and had an armada sent after him by the British King. There was a large war between the armada and the Inferno, with Willy eventually fleeing. He moved his ship into this cave, but ended up trapped after the armada blew up the cave walls around him, caving him, his crew and his ship in. While being trapped in the cave for multiple years, they dug tunnels and caves and crafted booby traps, and Willy eventually kills all of his crew as a precaution to protect his treasure. While nobody believes the story at first, Chunk discovers a framed newspaper about Chester Copperpot, a local explorer who claimed to have "the key to One-Eyed Willy," which sparks Mikey to propose searching for the lost treasure to save the Goon Docks, but the others initially reject the idea and quickly rush downstairs due to the doorbell buzzer in the attic going off. As Mikey is about to go downstairs, he rolls up the map and takes a doubloon from the broken frame, which also dated back to 1632, and stores it in his pocket before catching up with the others.

When the Goonies head out to the front porch to see who it is, Elgin Perkins and his assistant Bill are on the driveway, and Elgin introduces himself, as he is the father of Troy Perkins. Data gloats that they know who Troy is as he is such a cheep guy, and Brand says that Irving is not home. When asked by Elgin if Irene is home, Brandon sarcastically says she is at the supermarket buy Pampers for them. Elgin chuckles to the fib and hands off foreclosure paperwork to Brand for Irving to read through and sign before he and his assistant turn away and walk back to their car. Mikey curiously twice asks about the foreclosure papers, to which Brand replies twice it is Irving's business. With their morale low after Elgin's visit, Richard states they cannot wait until tomorrow to foreclose the whole neighbourhood, Clarke adding they will trash the Goon Docks, Brandon stating his statement on turning the Walsh house into a sandtrap, with Mikey finishing they would never get the golfballs out. When the others get inside as Chunk states they made him lose his appetite, Mikey lingers on the porch for a brief moment, leaning his head on a support beam and wrapping his arms around it, before being taken inside the house by Brandon. On the driveway, Bill states that Elgin is pretty sure of himself, to which Elgin states the foreclosure is a definite. In the kitchen, after Clarke has combed his hair, Lawrence asks if he is depressed while snacking on whipped cream while Micheal states if he found Willy's treasure trove he would pay all Irving's bills so that he would get some sleep every night rather than figure out how much longer they can stay in Astoria, to which Richard, Clarke, and Lawrence all agree with. Brandon tries to keep the younger boys in line, stating that if lets them out Irene would punish him as he owes a date with Andrea that Friday, and Clarke taunts him by stating he is dreaming, that there is no way, and that Andrea's mother has to drive, finishing he has to make it up to them both, to which Brandon tells Clarke to stay silent before turning the sink on and squirting his jacket with water. As Clarke dismounts from the sink to dry his jacket off with a paper towl, Micheal asks what to do with the country club and that it is slaying their parents, finishing if they do not do something right away, there will be a golf course right they are standing before a second clap of thunder rumbles overhead. Minutes later, while casually watching tv in the living room after picking his marbles up from the floor, Mikey sees that Brandon is working out without relent and hatches a clever plan with the other Goonies to trick Brand with his chest expander. Then, Data asks how far he can stretch the chest expander, to which Brand replies it is not too hard when he pulls the springs connecting the handles outward, and then the four younger Goonies tie Brand up against a sofa chair with his chest expander, with Chunk pinning him in place. As they head outside, Mouth flattens Brand's bike tires; Displeased, Micheal scolds him for this, stating that it took Brandon three hundred seventy-six sessions of lawn mowing to pay for, and that it is most favorite thing in the world. Clarke smugly states that now it is his most flattest thing in the globe before he and Micheal mount onto their bikes. Brand calls out that he will hit them hard enough that when they wake up their clothes will be without style, as the younger boys begin their journey. Irene and Rosalita later come home from the grocery store, and Brandon pleads for her to set him free. Irene scolds him for his recklessness by asking if he can exercise like a normal kid, and that he is hyperventing before asking where Micheal has gone and heading into the kitchen. Brandon asks what is wrong with them before pleading for Rosalita to set him free while she tries to roll the groceries into the kitchen. Elsewhere, outside the Astoria Historical Museum, Irving is pulling the American flag down to close the museum for the day, and he and the Goonies exchange greetings as Chunk tries to plead the others to wait for him. Back at the Walsh house, Brand is finally free from his chest exerciser and rushes to his bike. Irene requests that Brandon come home with Mikey and the others before she can do something drastic. Upon discovering his bike tires are flat, Brand steals a children's bike from Data's sister and rides off after them, stating to the girl he owes her one as she stomps about.

Out at Ecola State Park, the Goonies use the map to match up their location with Haystack Rock, leading them in the right direction while disregarding Chunk's tales. While checking the map, Micheal notcies that they are in the right direction, celebrating this fact before mounting back on their bikes. Brand, meanwhile, is pedaling as hard as he can, softly ushering Mikey's name to himself. Down the road behind him are Troy, Andy, and Stef, all out for a ride in Troy's car, a red Ford Mustang GT, and Troy tilts the rear view mirror rightwards. Andy scolds Troy for touching the rearview mirror, threatening to smack him on the face if he does so again. They encounter Brand and Andy offers him a ride. When Brand declines, Troy, however, pins his right hand to the side of his car and starts driving as fast as he can. The girls try to make him stop, but their efforts are futile, and after the training wheels are torn off, Troy takes a sharp turn while taunting Brand, and Brand is sent flying off a steep hill into the forest.

While using the doubloon to navigate the area after leaving their bikes behind, as Chunk states this had better be it, Mikey finds that the three holes in the doubloon align with the Haystack Rock, the lighthouse, and the Lighthouse Lounge, an abandoned summer restaurant. Translating the instructions on the map, they deduce that the rich stuff must be in the restaurant to the north. As they make their way towards it, they see two people entering the building and assume that they're customers, though Chunk stupidly states they might be drug dealers. Unphased by what sounds like gunshots (bar Chunk), the boys continue to investigate the building, ignoring Chunk's warnings. The other boys see them carrying something in a bag to the kitchen, which they assume is just food, staying low to avoid being spotted. Apart from the others, after finding a soda pop machine completely empty, Chunk discovers an ORV in the garage with bullet holes in the trunk door. He realizes that it's the same ORV he saw from before, and runs to tell the rest of the boys as they enter the building before being pulled through the door himself. Inside, as Mouth states it has not been opened for ten summers, they meet Jake and Mama Fratelli, who play along with the boys' assumption that they were workers at the restaurant. Data requests water, and Mama Fratelli threatens to cut off Mouth's tongue after he foolishly pretends to be hungry, intimidating them into silence as she heads back into the kitchen. The Goonies slowly begin to realize something is wrong and Chunk tells them about the ORV in the garage, but no one believes him. Mama Fratelli returns with four glasses of water, which is a dirty auburn. As Mouth toys around with two cups of water, Mikey uses an excuse of needing to use the bathroom to get into the basement, believing that a clue would be down there. While searching, after stating the bathroom he finds has a foul stench, he overhears a strange roaring sound, which piques his curiosity. Going to investigate the source, he sees Jake abusing an "It" by throwing food at his face while it was chained to the walls. After stating that the It is like Mama Fratelli and Francis and that it never lets him finish anything before singing a song, Jake leaves the room without noticing Mikey, who stays silent even when he accidently sits on a mousetrap. After taking the mousetrap off his rear and setting it away, Mikey decides to help the poor thing by pushing the plate of food closer to his reach, but is scared off when he sees its face and runs back upstairs, where Brand, having recovered from his ordeal with Troy, has arrived to pull the Goonies outside, with Brand placing Mikey on his right shoulder, while the Fratellis threaten them to never come back. After locking the door, Mama Fratelli mumbles to herself that children are bothersome by saying they suck.

Outside, Mikey excitedly tells the others about what he found, but Brand is unconvinced. Shortly afterwards, Jake drives the ORV to the restaurant and opens the hatch. Francis asks why Mama Fratelli had to open fire on the victim, to which she replies he was a fed. Francis states they should have taken the victim to the side of the road in the ORV and shot him in the head there, as he and Mama Fratelli load the corpse in the car. Jake sates to put the corpse over there, to which Francis states not to give him 'over here', as Jake tells the same thing to Mama Fratelli. Francis says he is always the one who has got to, to which Jake asks what. Still oblivious, Data asks what is in the bag, to which Mikey unknowingly says it is restaurant trash, which Data asks that big and that much, with Mikey saying he is positive. Chunk states there are bullet holes in the ORV tries to request that they leave, Mikey is fixed on the journey, saying that in mere hours there will not be a home any longer, and stating this their time, and their last chance to see if there is any treasures. Chunk wisely reconsiders, and the Fratellis drive away from the restaurant, and the Goonies hide behind a pile of logs to avoid being spotted, and then get scared when Stef and Andy suddenly arrive, having apparently ditched Troy. The younger boys go off to check out the restaurant again, while Brand makes talk with his crush, who notices a scrape like scar on Brand's face, to which Brand says he was born with it. Andy reports that Troy was being a jerk by messing with the rear view mirror to get a glimpse below her shirt, so she elbowed his lip, which impresses Brandon. While trying to get the locked door open, Mouth talks about having naked pictures of Chunk's mom, leading Chunk to furiously run at him, with Mouth stepping aside so Chunk would inadvertently ram the front door open and flop face first on the floor. They express gratitude to Chunk and head inside, and Brand follows to wrangle them back up after requesting the girls not to leave, though they initially decide not to stay. Inside, Mikey explains on getting to the lowest point, Brand tries to get them to come home with him. Left outside by themselves, Andy and Stef are scared indoors after coming face to face with a rotting fish head on a rake that Stef unintentionally steps on. As the boys try convincing Brand to let them investigate, Andy talks him into giving the boys some time to explore in return for spending time with her, to which the younger boys agree with. When they head downstairs, Mikey tries to show them the creature he discovered, but Andy fearfully refuses to see it and tries to get a kiss from Brand. Unfortunately, the Goonies all get scared by it's roar and fall backwards into an adjacent room. Once more, Brand and Andy try to kiss, but Chunk, Data, and Mouth all take the chance to tease them, much to Stef's disgust. After Mouth and Data get Chunk onto his feet and believing this to be the lowest point of the building, and while Andy and Stef make small bickering, Mikey attempts to dig through the floor with a fire pick which comes to no avail. After being insulted by Mouth again, Chunk accidentally breaks a water cooler he was drinking from, which spills water across the floor, and he sheepishly states it might not be a deposit bottle after he is titled a klutz. Mikey points out sound of dripping water and realizes that there must be some sort of hole or drain that the water is going to, and shift their attention to the fireplace. Andy states Brand is being sweet to her, much to Stef's dismay. Through Brand, they subsequently find a hidden drain grate covering a passageway built into the room's fireplace, which Brand breaks open in one kick, opening the passageway. Meanwhile, Data has activated a strange machine, which begins printing fifty dollar bills, whom Brand quickly determines to be fake, disappointing the rest of the Goonies. Stef shows the gang a newspaper nearby identifies the "owners" of the restaurant as the Fratelli criminal family who escaped jail earlier that day, with Mikey calling Jake the 'guy who tried to sing'. Chunk, who is quite angry at the rest of the Goonies for not believing his warnings, starts to leave, but then smells ice cream from the freezer nearby. While he looks at all of the flavours, the others notice a dead body being stored in the freezer which falls out of the freezer and onto the floor. As they scream in terror, they hear the Fratellis arrive back home, who notice that someone may have broken in. Chunk senses pizza, but the others keep him quiet. Upstairs, Jake and Francis get into an argument over a piece of pizza with their revolvers poised, only for Mama Fratelli to quell the rage, smacking Jake on the cheek when he states she takes Francis' side every time. The Goonies shove the body back into the freezer, accidentally leaving Chunk behind as he struggles to keep it upright. The Goonies look for a way to escape and ultimately climb down into the secret passage to get away as Mikey states it all starts there, going inside in an order consisting of Brand, Andy, Mouth, Stef, Data, and Mikey, while Chunk tries to get their attention in the freezer, as the Fratellis make their way to the basement to find the intruders. Brandon looks around for a short moment and places the fireplace grate over the passage entrance before ducking away. The Fratellis investigate the area and notice the broken water cooler. Jake states it must be from a tremor, but Mama Fratelli tells him to check his brother. Jake tries to protest that it must have been a tremor, only for Mama Fratelli to smack him on the cheek. Jake reluctantly complies, as Mama Fatelli states that the brother had best not break the chains, finishing that she will not head to the zoo for another set before following Jake. Francis tells her not to upset him while following behind, and Mama Fratelli states they must hurry it up. After the Fratellis have passed by, Chunk scrambles out of the freezer, sneezing and shivering from the cold, and Brand and Mikey tell him to get the police, stating they are in serious trouble, and he proceeds to escape through a small basement window and set off to find and inform the police. The hunt continues, while the Fratellis prepare to dispose of the corpse.

While starting to walk through the pathway, Stef trips and drops her glasses, which accidentally get stepped on by Mikey. Being the oldest of the Goonies, Brand takes the lead and asks Data if he has a light, and he proceeds to activate his "Bully Blinders" which lose their battery power after about ten seconds, much to Data's dismay. Luckily, Mikey notices a distant light further ahead and suggests heading that direction. After setting up a working lantern in the pathway, the Goonies discover a series of plumbing pipes that, through Mouth's explaination, they decide to bang on to try and get attention from above ground. The pipes, which are connected to the Astoria Country Club, start causing tons of problems and mischief. Even Troy is caught in the chaos when he experiences what Mouth describes 'reverse pressure'. The Goonies decide they must leave, and the large amounts of pressure on the pipes force a water pipe to burst, and the spewing water reveals a new cavern which they escape down, while Mouth tries to block the water from soaking the others using his jacket. Continuing down the series of tunnels while Andy starts going insane and muttering about Troy's creepy actions, the Goonies discover the skeleton that had gotten crushed by a large rock and retreat a short distance back. While Stef keeps Andy sane and the boys are examining the old bag next to the skeleton, they find a large bunch of candles which they took along with them (unbeknownst to them that one of them is a stick of dynamite), and a wallet which confirmed that the skeleton was that of Chester Copperpot. Data goes to the front of the long cavern to set his own booby traps so they know if someone is following them. Around the skeleton's neck, they find a copper medallion, which Mikey takes around his neck as Brand respectfully places the accidentally dismembered Copperpot's skull back where it belongs. After noticing a string buried underneath the dirt on the floor, Mikey triggers a booby trap. They then notice a series of large boulders hanging above them and start running away as they begin falling one by one. They all hurry out of danger's way, when Brand hears a sound coming from behind a large rock. He moves the rock and bats fly out of the hole it previously covered up, and the others try to keep the bats at bay.

Those scenes in the caverns are broken up by segments showing what happened to Chunk. As he runs through the forest to get help, he crawls out from under the bushes and flags down a passing vehicle and explains the situation while asking to be brought to the police station. Unfortunately, the car he flagged down was the Fratellis, who take him captive in the back of their vehicle, and Chunk notices the corpse in the car and screams in terror. Back at the restaurant, Chunk is interrogated by the Fratellis while being threatened by the idea of getting his hand blended. Chunk tells them that his friends are in the fireplace, which they don't believe, and after being told to "spill his guts and tell them everything," Chunk proceeds to admit past misdemeanors which he committed throughout his life (which had no relation to the current events). After sitting there listening to so many of his stories, with Jake starting to get amused by Chunk, Mama Fratelli's patience is at it's limit, andthey turn on the blender and try forcing his hand into it, but just before his hand touches the blades at the bottom, the bats from the passageway break through the grate under the fireplace and start flying around the basement. The Fratellis try to keep the bats away, and Chunk cries out a warning to Mikey and the others that the Fratellis are hot on their heels.

While still traveling through the caverns, the Goonies discover and underground waterfall, with what appears to be Willy's treasure scattered around the cave walls. As Mouth figures which president is on the coins, he gets into a brief verbal squabble with Stef, who then discovers the coins are modern currency and that they are at the bottom of a wishing well, which Brand confirms that it is the Moss Garden Wishing Well. When Andy states the wishing well is where people make wishes, Mouth declares the wish he made came true, stating his intent on reclaiming them; Mikey calls out about One-Eyed Willy's tricks on the map. Elsewhere, above ground, Troy and his friends happen to be hanging out around the wishing well, and Troy throws a coin down which gets the Goonies attention, and the coin is thrown back to him. After catching the coin, Troy realizes someone is in the well and calls out who is down within. Data confirms that it is Troy, and they yell for his help, and he offers to save Andy (and the Goonies) by lowering the bucket in a decided order, but a quick heartfelt speech from Mikey keeps them focused on finding One-Eyed Willy's "rich stuff," and they choose to carry on, leaving Andy's jacket as the only thing Troy and his friends pull up from the well, and Troy furiously titles her a goonie. While looking for the next steps to take in their adventure, Mikey moves a curtain of leaves aside and finds sets of triple-stones, which were referenced in the map, though his enthusiam briefly annoys Brand. Mikey finds that the copper medallion fits with three of the stones in the center, but as he turns it counterclockwise, his right arm gets briefly trapped and it triggers another booby trap which opens a trapdoor in the floor, nearly claiming Data's life, who is only saved by his Pinchers of Peril. After reporting the success of this invention to the others, to their relief, Data then realizes that a new tunnel starts at the bottom of the pit and reports he is in another room.

Concurring with those events, the Fratellis discover the doubloon, which has fallen out of Chunk's pocket - this confirms to the Fratellis that Chunk has been telling the truth about pirate treasure under the restaurant and then Francis steals a carton of ice cream away from Chunk's hands, much to Chunk's displeasure. They decide to keep him alive and Francis ties Chunk to a chair and leaves him in a room with their brother–the "it" from before, while they go to explore the pathway in the fireplace. As Chunk tries introducing himself to the "it", he turns towards him, revealing his deformed face while yelling at him. As Chunk gets scared and starts jumping in his chair screaming for help, the "it" gets excited and starts jumping along with him. As they watch a cooking show on tv, Chunk offers a Baby Ruth to the "it", and tries throwing it to him, but it hits off of the "it's" face and lands on the floor. In a rage, the "it" breaks his chains off the walls to grab it, his strength at last in use, which impresses Chunk, who admits he is hungrier than himself. While exploring the caverns, the Fratellis trigger the traps set by Data while walking on the floor, and find the skeleton with his bag empty, as well as a set of kids footprints leading away from the cavern. Above ground, the "it," now fully free of his chains, introduces himself as "Sloth" and quickly befriends Chunk as they share the Baby Ruth together before exchanging confident shouts and sharing a friendly kiss, though Chunk states that Sloth smells like physical education. Chunk, now freed of his restraints by Sloth, attempts to call the Sheriff, who doesn't believe his story due to his past of prank calling him with ludicrous crimes, but Chunk gets distracted as Sloth finds the passageway in the fireplace, and breaks the telephone cord in the process, ending the call. The two of them find the room of pipes leaking and shaking; Chunk declares that Mikey has been through the area, and as Sloth tries to hold one of them still, it causes more havoc to the area above, which does not please him.

During a quick bathroom break that the Goonies take in the caverns, Andy calls out for Brand to come see her; Brand sends Mikey in his place and Andy ends up kissing him in the dark, which Stef witnesses to her hilarity, and reminds Mikey of the direction he is heading before having a short conversation with Andy. Suddenly, the Fratellis step up toward a line of rope the Goonies used to get to the next hall and shine their flashlights over it to confirm it. By the time everyone is finished using the bathroom, Andy tries to beckon Brand over, only for him to report that the Fratellis have arrived, which frightens Andy before Brandon keeps her silent. Jake shines his flashlight to the Goonies, and they realize this and run off through a narrow hallway in a single file line consisting of Brand, Mikey, Andy, Stef, Mouth, and Data; the Fratellis are in hot pursuit. As they cross an underground river using a log connecting the two sides, Data uses his Slick Shoes to make the log slippery as he slowly goes across. Jake calls out to the Goonies to remember him, making them flee as he lies on leaving the caves. Data turns around and taunts the Fratellis, forcing Jake and Francis to fire warning shots, though Jake foolishly fires at the hallway cieling, causing small rocks and dust to fall on him and Francis. The Goonies flee in a hallway near the log, and after removing lines of spider webs, they light up candles from the lantern. Francis is the first to try and cross the log, but he slips and spins out like a wheel before falling on his groin, making Mama Fratelli and Jake grimace their faces. Mama Fratelli asks if he is fine, to which he states no in pain. In the next room, the Goonies find a Bone Organ, which they have mixed reactions toward. Back at the river, Jake tries to help Francis get up, he too slips and falls straight on his groin, making Mama Fratelli grimace her face. The tide from the river rises rapidly, and Mama Fratelli scolds Jake and Francis for letting the Goonies escape. Back in the organ room, as Mouth states, the map tells them to play the correct notes in order to escape. They find a music staff with notes on the back of the map, and Andy (who took piano lessons when she was 4) is tasked with solving the puzzle. After a series of near fails - at least three - with Data warning them of the now recovered Fratellis advancing with Francis suffering the brunt of Data's boxing glove invention, the pathway opens up, and after Andy grabs the map from the organ, everyone scrambles to safety before Francis can shoot at them. They ride down a branching waterslide that drops them into a lagoon within a large grotto, where Willy's old ship, the Inferno, has been this whole time. The six of them all celebrate as the Fratellis try balancing along the edge against the walls of the Organ Room to follow them.

Climbing into the ship, they search the main floor for anything, exploring along the way and finding some crewmen, even the ship's navigator, which makes Mikey grimace in shock after he turns the navigator to him. After initially finding nothing of value, Data falls through the grates on the ship deck, opening the lower level of the ship, though he expresses his fury over his constant failures on his past inventions. Still coming to a dead end, the others start getting angry at Mikey, questioning why they haven't found any gold on the ship yet as Brand tries to defend him, until Andy accidentally triggers a booby trap that reveals a trapdoor in the ceiling, which Mikey brakes through the boards and climbs through the trapdoor. In this chamber of the ship, Mikey looks around for a short moment, and finally discovers One-Eyed Willy, his crew, and all his riches. In reverence, Mikey starts talking to Willy's skeleton, before the rest of the Goonies make their way into the room, placing candles on the table in the same reverence. The Goonies start to gather up as much treasure that they can, but Mikey tells them to leave the treasure on the set of scales in front of Willy for him, and to take anything else, switching his marbles for a set of gems. They start trying to think of a plan to avoid getting caught by the Fratellis, only for Mama Fratelli - accompanied by Jake and Francis - to arrive and force them to the ship deck at gunpoint, after Data challenges the Fratellis, and Andy and Stef briefly show the treasure off to one another.

Out on the deck, Jake and Frances bump into some of the ship's supply barrels, and Data attempts to fight the Fratellis with his inventions mostly failing; his boxing glove punches himself in the face, but he throws the Pinchers of Peril at Francis which bites him in the crotch, and as he tries using the suction cup belt to get Mama Fratelli's gun, it pulls Data towards her, but ultimately makes her drop the gun through the deck grate, forcing her to grab a sabre from a supply crate. The kids are gathered up and are forced to drop all the treasure they hold, which included treasure that Mama Fratelli had found Mouth hiding in his mouth which piqued her curiosity. After Andy insults her, Mama Fratelli makes Andy to walk the plank, and forces her overboard by smacking Andy's head with her sabre, and Brand proceeds to jump in to her rescue, to which Mama Fratelli asks out loud who is the next to fall. Before Stef and Mouth can be tossed into the water, help arrives in the form of Sloth and Chunk, and they make a grand entrance by sliding down the ship's sail with a dagger, to the relief of the Goonies, though Mama Fratelli wonders how Sloth escaped. At Chunk's command, Sloth grabs a rope and swings past Jake and Francis to grab Stef and Mouth off the plank and drop them back onto the ship deck, to which Chunk cheers. Chunk titles himself a captain and decides they must leave, and the rest of the Goonies make an escape off of the ship, with Stef tricking Mama Fratelli into looking up, as Sloth confronts his family, tearing his shirt off to reveal he is wearing a Superman jersey. Jake states he and Francis are in serious trouble, to which Francis agrees with. Jake then tries to get Sloth's memories in order, first by stating about the Bronx Zoo, and then getting to the dentist for an appointment, only to wind up spending money on Francis' toupee, to which Francis furiously denies, leading to Jake and Francis fighting each other until Sloth slams their heads into each other, briefly knocking them out cold. Brand and Andy finally share their kiss, when they both realize that she had kissed Mikey earlier, something that briefly annoys Brand. Back on the Inferno's main deck, Sloth has tied Jake and Francis up, and he is heaving them up in the air with a sail's rope, with the two brothers pleading for mercy as Jake promises not to sing before Mama Fratelli beckons Sloth over. He is then initially conciliated by Mama Fratelli, whom he he steps foward and scolds her for being evil. Mama Fratelli states that she may have been bad and had chained him in the prison room as it was for his good. She goes on to get one last memory of when she used to sing to him as a child, until he was reminded of how he was dropped by her in the past, which makes him angry. Mama Fratelli realizes she has indeed made a massive mistake, leading Sloth to vengefully lift her off her feet, carry her to the plank, and then throw her overboard, and Sloth celebrates his freedom and proceeds to dive into the water himself to the cheers from the Goonies, his tricone falling off in the process. Chunk proudly introduces Sloth to the rest of the gang as Mama Fratelli scurries back to the deck of the ship.

The Fratellis, after recovering from their encounter with Sloth, loot the ship and grab as much treasure as they can, including the coins and gems on the set of scales that Mama Fratelli foolishly grabs a hold of, which triggers one last booby trap that forces them to drop the treasure and flee as rocks from the cavern ceiling start to fall. The Goonies find a source of natural light in a crevice in the wall. They try using the last candle to stick outside the crevice to try and get someone's attention, but upon lighting it, they realize that it's a dynamite stick. After taking cover once the dynamite explodes, it creates a large enough hole in the cave walls, but it is blocked by a giant boulder, which is too big for everyone to move aside. In a show of strength, Sloth uses his back to move the boulder up in place so the rest of the Goonies can escape under his legs one by one. But to Chunk's sorrow, Sloth cannot get through himself when he loses his footing, and he is seemingly trapped in the cavern with the other Fratellis, who cry for help beforehand. After the ship's gears are in working order and the anchor is hoisted from the water, an opening in the grotto wall forms.

Out on the beach in the morning light, they are saved by a roving set of policemen. The gang is reunited with their families; Mikey states he might be in trouble, Chunk is given a meal of Domino's pizza, Mouth tries to tell the journey to his parents, Stef reports to her parents that she had lost her glasses, Andy asks her parents for piano practice, Mr. Wang, Data's father, shows off his camera invention off, which unintentionally fails after just one click when the film roll spills out. Data explains that he cannot hug a photograph, to which his father proudly admits that Data is his greatest invention. Mouth offers his thanks to Stef saving his life, to which she states it was a real moment, stating that his voice is impressive when his mouth is not screwing it, to which Mouth playfully returns that Stef's looks are beautiful when her face is not screwing it. Mikey laments losing the treasure; luckily, Andy compliments him on his leadership and his bravery, stating that he might have been kissing girls a bit much and that he should catch up to the ones that do before kissing him on the cheek as a hero's reward, before she and Brand kiss one another, to which Irene states to let Andy's mother worry as Mikey tosses his now used up inhaler aside, stating he has no need of it. Surprisingly, all four the Fratellis have made it out of the cave, and as the police rushed to put them under arrest, Chunk and the others stop the police from arresting Sloth, and he is spared from arrest when he shows his strength off to everyone present by lifting the sheriff up, which impresses Data. With Jake, Francis, and Mama Fratelli apprehended, Chunk promises to Sloth that he'll be part of the Cohen family from now on, which pleases Sloth. Elgin and Troy appear onto the scene, and Elgin tells Irving to get the signature of the foreclosure papers over with. When Irving apologizes to Irene, Troy states they do not have all day, adding there are fifty more houses to destroy after the Walsh's, which makes Brand angry, though he is held back. Mikey apologizes to Irving, stating the Goonies had their hands on the future, only to blow it to save their own lives. Accepting the apology, Irving states that Mikey and Brand are home safe with Irene and himself, finishing that it makes them the richest people in Astoria. His patience at its limit, Elgin states that Irving is looking at the richest people in Astoria, and orders him to sign the papers. While Irving signs the papers using Elgin's right shoulder as a writing board as Data sadly says they will miss being a Goonie, Rosalita takes Mikey's marble bag from his jacket pocket and takes a peek inside. When she realizes there is something precious inside, she takes a second peek to confirm, and then shouts this to the others of what she has found. Mouth tries to translate Rosalita's request, taking him a while to do so, and then learns that 'no pluma, no esignar' means 'No pen, do not sign', and the Goonies tell Irving not to sign as Mouth snatches the pen from Irving's right hand and defaces Elgin's suit jacket with a line of ink. Rosalita then runs up to the others and pours the gems from the marble bag to Irene's right hand, something the Fratellis forgot to check. With these gems procured, as per Mikey's report, Irving triumphantly rips the papers to pieces and tosses them upward, declaring they have enough money to negate the foreclosure after stating there will be no more signing forcelosures ever again. As they are regaling the tale of their adventure to the disbelieving press and police on Cauldron Point, they notice the Inferno, having broken free of the grotto, sailing off on its own into the horizon one last time, as the Goonies cheer the ship on.



Richard Donner
Richard Donner and Harvey Bernhard
Steven Spielberg
Chris Columbus
Executive producers
Steven Spielberg
Frank Marshall
Kathleen Kennedy
Director of photography
Nick McLean
Production designer
J. Michael Riva
Film editor
Michael Kahn
Music score
Dave Grusin

Behind the scenes[]


The Goonies was originally named "The Goon Kids" in Steven Spielberg's original story concept.[1]

The film began principal photography on October 22, 1984. It was mostly shot in order by script, and took about five months to finish. Almost all scenes not set in the caves were shot on location in Astoria, OR; other filming locations included Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, as well as California's Goat Rock Beach.[2] The caves were shot on set, with Burbank's Stage 16 being used for housing the Inferno.

Donner's directing style for The Goonies was a fast and loose one, going as far as to make changes to the script on the fly. One of the most well-known facts about the movie is that the child actors were not allowed to see the large Inferno set, in order to capture honest first reactions to it on film. However, their initial reactions were so fervent and full of swears that it required a second take. Josh Brolin claims he snuck a sneak peek at the ship one day during production, however.[3]

Many of the film's animatronics and prosthetics, such as the ones used for Sloth's makeup, were created by Burman Studios. Industrial Light & Magic also helped, notably with the five-foot replica used in the movie's final shot and with special effects and green screening. Data's many inventions were created by Special Effects artist Doyle Smiley and Special Effects Coordinator Matt Sweeney; they all worked as they were intended to.[1]

The film has a number of Deleted scenes cut from the final version. The most famous of these is the octopus scene, which is still referenced by Data in the last scene of the movie.


The Goonies was adapted into a novel by James Kahn, released a month before the film. A storybook also exists, as well as a number of activity and coloring books.

The Goonies has been adapted into a number of video games. Direct adaptions were released for the Nintendo Famicom and Famicom Disk Engine, the arcade VS. System, the PC-88 computer, and the Sharp X1 compute, the MSX computer, and the Commodore 64, Atari 8-bit, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC computers. A sequel to the Famicom game was later made, as The Goonies II.

LEGO Dimensions featured a level pack for The Goonies, with missions and worlds based on the movie.

It was reported that The Goonies would receive adaptions in the form of a comic mini-series, an animated cartoon on Cartoon Network, and a musical, but all of these plans were cancelled.


The possibility of a sequel to The Goonies has existed since 2004, when Richard Donner reported interest in another story. The idea of one was debunked by multiple actors from the original. Sean Astin showed interest in one in an interview in 2007, while Corey Feldman, again, debunked a sequel in 2008.

Donner again explained interest in 2010 with the release of The Making of a Cult Classic: The Unauthorized Story of The Goonies, and claimed to have a script for it in 2014.

No news of an official sequel has been released since then, with the only "sequel" existing being The Goonies II.

Soundtrack and score[]

Main article: The Goonies (album)
Main article: The Goonies: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The original score for The Goonies was created by composer Dave Grusin. It borrows from other film scores, such as Superman and Adventure of Don Juan for incidental parts of the movie, both relating to the character of Sloth. The score itself wasn't officially released until 2010.

A compilation soundtrack with music featured in the movie was released alongside its release. This included singles such as "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough" by Cyndi Lauper, "Eight Arms To Hold You" by Goon Squad, and more.


  • According to the newspaper found in the Lighthouse Lounge basement, The Goonies takes place on the evening of October 24, 1985 (and the morning of the 25th). This date was also used in the novel adaption.


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