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The Goonies is a 1986 platform video game based on the film of the same name, developed and produced by Konami for the Sony MSX. It was never released outside of Japan.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The MSX version of The Goonies features gameplay similar to the Famicom and Disk System version of the game: it is a sidescrolling platform game involving the player saving the titular Goonies from the Fratelli Gang. However, instead of assuming the role of Mikey, the player plays as Sloth.[2] The game features a password feature that allows the player to skip to later levels.

Unique to the game are its "vitality" and "experience" bars. The vitality bar acts as the player's health, decreasing when they are hit by an enemy. As the player defeats enemies, their experience bar will increase. When it reaches 100%, their vitality's maximum will increase, allowing them to take more hits before they lose a life.

The game features a longer level layout and designs more akin to a Metroidvania (which may have inspired the 1988 The Goonies II). To progress, the player must find hidden keys that opens locked gates. The Goonies features five levels in all, the theme of which staying the same "underground maze" through the whole game.

A number of power-ups can be picked up. Various helmets and jackets prevent Sloth from taking damage from the elements; spellbooks can increase his movement speed; treasure bags will give bonus score or power-ups to the player's vitality or experience bars.

Enemies include booby traps (falling boulders), environmental hazards (waterfalls, dripping water, falling rocks), and traditional enemies (skeletal heads, bats, and the Fratelli Gang). Bats and skeletons can be destroyed with a simple punch, but the Fratellis can only be temporarily incapacitated.

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