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For the deleted scene involving the Stop 'N Snack, see Deleted scene#Stop 'N Snack.

The Stop 'N Snack is a corner convenience store located on Leif Erikson Drive in Astoria, Oregon.


Owned and manned by Sylvia Keester, the Stop 'N Snack carries a small assortment of foods, drinks, and other household necessities. It also has two arcade cabinets: I, Robot and Return of the Jedi.


The Stop 'N Snack is the store Rosalita is walking away from when she encounters the car chase between the Fratellis and the Astoria police.

Behind the scenes[]

The Stop 'N Snack is a far more prominent part of The Goonies in a deleted scene where the Goonies stop by to hang out after escaping from Brand's watch. While the others browse the snacks and goods, Mikey compares the map to a tourist map of Northern Oregon, and discovers the two match up, and now has a lead on the treasure that points to Cannon Beach. Troy Perkins stops by with Andy and Stef, and begins to harass the Goonies, almost getting into a fight with them, which is only stopped when Brand arrives. Scaring off Troy, he takes the map and tries to get the Goonies to go back home, but Mouth steals it back and they continue on their journey.

Present day, the Stop 'N Snack is now Astoria Coffee Co., a small cafe that also doubles as a Goonies merchandise store.