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One-Eyed Willy's treasure, the "rich stuff", as the Goonies put it, is the hoard of gold and jewelry One-Eyed Willy's pirates stole back in 1632, and the same hoard the Goonies went after. It is holed up on The Inferno, hidden in a blocked off section of the ship.


The treasure itself consists of various doubloons and coins, as well as precious gems and jewelry. Part of it is rigged with a booby trap, set to go off if someone attempted to take "One-Eyed Willy's treasure", a small section of it on a golden scale, labeled as such by Mikey.


Over the night, the legitimacy of the treasure is contested. It is eventually discovered after breaking through to a hidden section of the ship, marked with golden text scrawled across a piece of wood. The Goonies take as much of it as they can, but are stopped by the Fratellis, who make them dump everything they have.

When Mama Fratelli sets off the scale trap, they abandon the treasure in favor of their lives. With the ship setting sail and leaving the cave it was trapped in for centuries, the only treasure that survived was a series of gems smuggled out in Mikey's marble bag. These gems are what saved the Goon Docks from being destroyed by Mr. Perkins and his plans to build a golf course over the area.