Nick McLean, was the director of photography for The Goonies. He also portrays Mouth's father, credited under his full name, George Nicholas McLean.

Life and career[edit | edit source]

Born on May 29, 1941 in Santa Monica, McLean's uncle and stepfather were both in the film industry, as an actor and cinematographer, respectively. He received his first job from his stepfather on the set of the television show, The Iron Horse, and later became a second assistant cameraman in 1969. After helping create several films, he became a cinematographer.

McLean was a crew member on numerous films, including The Goonies, Short Circuit, and Mac and Me.

He also worked on numerous television shows over the years, including the 1994 series Friends; his cinematography work on Friends netted him an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Cinematography in a Multicamera Series in 2002.

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