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Mr. Elgin Perkins is "the richest man" in Astoria, Oregon. He is Troy's father.


Mr. Perkins plans to acquire the Goon Docks to turn the area into a golf course for the Astoria Country Club. He attempts to visit the Walsh residence to see Irving Walsh about this, but leaves when he isn't home.

The following morning, he approaches Irving at Cannon Beach, where he and his wife reunite with their missing sons. After Mr. Walsh says that having his children alive and well makes the Walshes "the richest family in Astoria", Mr. Perkins gloats that Mr. Walsh is "looking at the richest family in Astoria" and says now is the time for Mr. Walsh and the other mortgagees of the Goon Docks to sign their foreclosure notices. Defeated, Mr. Walsh begins the repossession process, however before Irving can finish, however, Rosalita discovers Mikey's marble bag full of precious gemstones, which allows the residents of the Goon Docks to retire the mortgages on their houses. Although Mr. Perkins and his son are dismayed at this turn of events, it was somewhat of a "mixed defeat", as Mr. Perkins was the one who ultimately got the gemstones (or money from the sale thereof) as the mortgages he underwrote are now fully amortized. Since he no longer owned the Goon Docks, it was unknown if he abandoned his plans or sought a new location for the golf course.

Behind the scenes[]

Mr. Perkins is portrayed by Curtis Hanson.

Two first names are given for Mr. Perkins - Gustave, as seen on the paperwork at the end of the film, and Elgin, used in the novelization of The Goonies. He is also noted as being the chairman of the country club in the novel.


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