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The Moss Garden Wishing Well is a wishing well close to the Astoria Country Club.


The wishing well is located within the titular Moss Garden and features a working bucket system that can be lowered up and down the shaft of the well. At the bottom is a shallow lagoon, where hundreds of coins have been tossed on the hopes of a wish coming true.


The Goonies come across the bottom of the Moss Garden Wishing Well while stuck down in One-Eyed Willy's secret cave system. Thinking the coins in the water are the pirate treasure they've been searching for, they begin to loot it; the only stop when Mouth identifies the coins are modern currency and when Stef and Brand realize they're at the bottom of a well. Luckily for them, Troy and his friends happen to be hanging out around the well at the same time, and his attention is grasped by the Goonies, specifically Andy who requests his help. The bucket is lowered to let everyone escape, but after a speech from Mikey, they decide not to leave out of the well to safety.

Behind the scenes[]

Two deleted scenes involved the Moss Garden Wishing Well. One was the "Goonies Oath" scene, where Andy was sworn in as a Goonie. The other had the Goonies getting covered in leeches at the bottom of the well; footage of these has never been released, outside of behind the scenes photos.