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Mary Ellen Trainor (July 8, 1952 - Mary 20, 2015) was an actress who portrayed Irene Walsh in The Goonies.

Life and career[]

Born on July 8, 1952 in San Francisco, California, Trainor graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in journalism. Her acting career began on radio programs, but she branched out to television with Father Knows Best and film with Romancing The Stone.

She starred in a number of films, including The Goonies, Die Hard, Scrooged, Ghostbusters II, Back to the Future II (in an uncredited role), Forrest Gump, Congo, Freaky Friday, and all four Lethal Weapon movies. Her work in TV included Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Relativity, and Roswell.

She passed away on May 20, 2015 due to complications from pancreatic cancer; she was 62 when she died.

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