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The Lighthouse Lounge is a rundown restaurant near Cannon Beach. The Fratellis used it as a hideout.


The Lighthouse Lounge was, at one point, a "summer place", according to Chunk. It has two floors: a main one, which acts as the restaurant, and a basement. The main floor is littered with dusty and dirty wooden chairs and tables; a string of lights hangs over the kitchen, while lights that look like candles line the walls. The basement features multiple rooms, including a walk-in freezer, which houses both ice cream and a corpse at one point. It also has a garage, where the Fratellis keep their ORV.

The entire structure is built over the entrance to the One-Eyed Willy's secret caves, whether by design or by pure coincidence.


The Fratellis, after getting Jake out of jail, move into the old restaurant, using it as a hideout away from the cops. They are tracked down later that day by two FBI agents, who are killed by them, with one corpse being tossed into the freezer for safe keeping.

The Goonies, using the doubloon with One-Eyed Willy's map, approach the Lounge, realizing it's the way to the treasure. They enter, being offered dirty water by Mama Fratelli; Mikey escapes to the basement, discovering Sloth chained up to the wall.

Brand attempts to collect the boys and return them home, but lingers when Andy starts to flirt with him while the Fratellis leave to dump the first body. While exploring downstairs, everyone backs into a room with a fireplace and a freezer; through a series of events, they discover a passage hidden under the fireplace. Chunk inadvertently discovers the corpse in the freezer and the Fratellis return. With no place to go but down, the Goonies crawl down into the caves. Chunk, having been trapped in the freezer, finds an alternate way out of the basement, through a window and out into the dark to find the police.

Behind the scenes[]

The Lighthouse Lounge was a set created in Ecola State Park overlooking Cannon Beach.[1] The exterior of the Lighthouse Lounge was initially meant to be a graveyard; the idea was scrapped when production designer J. Michael Riva decided to integrate the area's "rich limbering history" instead.[1] The set took three and a half weeks to build, with high winds slowing down production.[1]



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