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For information on game content based on The Goonies, see LEGO Dimensions/The Goonies World.

LEGO Dimensions is a 2015 toys-to-life adventure game developed by Traveler's Tales for the Sony Playstation 3 and 4, the Nintendo Wii U, and the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

A level pack featuring levels from The Goonies was released on May 9, 2017. This came with one Minifig and Character Tag for Sloth and two Vehicle Tags for the Inferno and the Bone Organ.


LEGO Dimensions requires the use of a Toy Pad, where characters and objects like vehicles can be scanned in for playing in the game itself. Additional levels and characters can be added to the game by purchasing sets that include Minifigs and helpful items for playing the game.

The game consists of exploring levels and open-world areas, interacting with the world to collect Studs, the game's currency. Characters can be switched between to take advantage of differing abilities between them. Quests can be completed in the open-world sections of the game.


On a planet at the center of the LEGO multiverse, the foundation elements that control it are held. In a bid to gain power to control the universe to his will, the evil Lord Vortech goes to the planet where the elements are held. Using these, he summons the inhabitants of various LEGO worlds to join his side and help him take over through the use of various portals and vortexes. Some have pledged allegiance to him; others have not and are rebelling against him to save their universe.