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Jeff Cohen (June 25, 1974) is a former child actor and attorney who portrayed Chunk in The Goonies.

Life and career[]

Born on June 25, 1974 in Los Angeles, California as Jeffrey Bertan McMahon, he was a child actor, with roles in television shows such as Kids Incorporated and Family Ties. Initially trying out for the role of Mouth, he was instead given the role of Chunk.[1] He came down with chicken pox following his casting and, afraid he would lose the role, came to the set while sick. On the set, he had an interest in the filming process and was taught how to dolly a camera and direct a scene by director Richard Donner.[1] To generate genuine tears during his interrogation scene with the Fratellis, Cohen thought about his mother dying.

Following The Goonies, he joined his high school's football team and lost weight, distancing him from mockery tied to the role of Chunk. He studied at the UCLA School of Law and graduated in 2000 and started his own firm in 2002, where he still works today.

Cohen occasionally attends fan events and conventions, such as the annual Goonies Day event held in Astoria, Oregon.


  • His real life mother and sister had parts in The Goonies as Chunk's mother and sister, respectively.
  • As a child, one of his hobbies was collecting hats and, at one point, had "about 530 of them."[1]



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