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In 1985, to promote The Goonies, Topps Trumps released a series of Goonies-themed trading cards. The full set included eighty-six trading cards and fifteen sticker cards. Packs of cards also came packaged with a stick of bubble gum.

The cards were re-released for an 80th Anniversary set to commemorate the Topps brand.

Trading cards[edit | edit source]

Trading cards for The Goonies feature either a character or scene from the movie on the front. The back has a short description of the subject.

Some of the cards make reference to deleted scenes, such as the Stop 'N Snack scene, the leeches scene, the Funnybone scene, and the octopus scene.

No. Front Card name Description
01. Card1.jpg What A Movie! Experience the world's most exciting treasure hunt in "THE GOONIES", an outrageous, thrill-packed adventure movie scripted by Chris Columbus, produced and directed by Richard Donner and presented by Steven Spielberg.
02. Card2.jpg Meet The Goonies: Mikey Mikey Walsh, the leader of the Goonies, is a small but courageous and imaginative kid. He has something of a friendly rivalry with his elder brother, Brand.
03. Card3.jpg Meet The Goonies: Chunk Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen, the greatest eating machine since Bruce the Shark, is a pudgy young kid notorious for telling tall tales.
04. Card4.jpg Meet The Goonies: Data Ricky "Data" Roper[1] is an oriental boy who happens to be a technical genius. This pint-sized James Bond is a walking hardware store of surprisingly useful gizmos.
05. Card5.jpg Meet The Goonies: Mouth Clarke "Mouth" Devereux [sic] is a gifted impressionist. He also has the biggest mouth of all the Goonies, which is how he earned his nickname.
06. Card6.jpg Introducing Brand A handsome, athletic young guy, Brand is Mikey's older brother and a treasure hunter in his own right. His most desired treasure: Andy Carmichael, the prettiest girl in town.
07. Card7.jpg Introducing Andy And Stef Andrea "Andy" Carmichael is a beautiful young cheerleader adored by Brand; Stefanie [sic] "Stef" Steinbrenner is Andy's best pal.
08. Card8.jpg Meet "Sloth" The deformed, frightening member of the Fratelli family, Sloth is really a lovable giant who helps his Goonie pals out of various scrapes.
09. Card9.jpg Mama Fratelli One tough lady, Mama Fratelli is the leader of a criminal family. Her son Jake is in Jake for, among other things, cold-blooded murder!
10. Card10.jpg Fantastic Escape! It's madness and mayhem as Mama Fratelli breaks her son Jake out of prison! The police are temporarily stymied by a wall of flame...
11. Card11.jpg Mama On The Run! After breaking her son Jake out of prison, Mama Fratelli leads the police on a wild, action packed chase through town!
12. Card12.jpg Spotted By Chunk! Chunk is the only Goonie to witness the incredible Fratelli car chase. Naturally, none of his fellow Goonies believe him.
13. Card13.jpg Shaping Up! At home, Brand works out as Mouth and the other Goonies watch. Brand is eager to impress the girl of his dreams, Andy.
14. Card14.jpg Mind If I Drop In? Data makes a typically dramatic entrance as the Goonies gather at Mikey's house to plan their latest escapade.
15. Card15.jpg Secret Of The Map The Goonies discover a rare treasure map in the attic and Mikey gets very excited. Brand remains skeptical, however, and cautions his brother against taking the find too seriously.
16. Card16.jpg I'll Get You Guys For This! The Goonies sabotage Brand's bike and time him to his chair. Now, with the air of the crumbling treasure map, they're off in search of One-Eyed Willie's fortune!
17. Card17.jpg What Next? Using the mysterious treasure map, the Goonies make their way to a spooky hideout by the sea...
18. Card18.jpg A Big Decision! After stumbling upon a scary, seemingly deserted hideaway, the Goonies must decide whether or not to explore the forbidding place...
19. Card19.jpg House Of Mystery! Driven by their love for adventure, the Goonies enter the spooky hideout in search of buried treasure...
20. Card20.jpg In The Clutches Of Mama! Mama Fratelli and her boys surprise the Goonies when they show up at the hideaway. As usual, Mouth's big mouth gets him into trouble...
21. Card21.jpg The Mysterious "It"! After getting permission from Mama Fratelli to use the bathroom, Mikey stumbles upon a small, hidden room. Inside, chained to a chair is... what?!
22. Card22.jpg Something's "Fishy"! Outside the Fratelli's hideaway, Andy and Stef are alarmed... and not exactly overjoyed by the ongoing treasure hunt!
23. Card23.jpg Chunk's Terrifying Discovery! Returning to the hideout in the dead of night, Chunk discovers the body of an FBI agent. He was obviously murdered by the Fratelli gang!
24. Card24.jpg Captured By The Gang! In the hideout, Mama Fratelli and her boys hold Chunk hostage. "Talk, kid," demands Mama. "Tell us everything you know!"
25. Card25.jpg Chunk's Doubloon While interrogating Chunk, Mama Fratelli finds the rare coin he and the Goonies discovered along with the treasure map...
26. Card26.jpg Chunk Meets Sloth! Tied to a chair by the Fratelli gang, Chunk is scared out of his wits by Sloth, a huge, hulking creature who lives in the hideaway...
27. Card27.jpg Face-To-Face With Sloth! Chunk is at the mercy of Sloth, the deformed Fratelli brother! Meanwhile, the other Goonies have escaped through a secret door under the fireplace...
28. Card28.jpg The Tunnel Of Terror! Below ground, the Goonies encounter a large cluster of twisting metal pipes. As they make their way through the tunnel, disconnecting some of the pipes as they go, all hell breaks loose in the country club above!
29. Card29.jpg Mama Fratelli In Pursuit! On the track of the pirate treasure, Mama Fratelli and her boys follow the Goonies through the secret fireplace door...
30. Card30.jpg A "Miner" Discovery! The Goonies stumble upon the skeleton of a miner, killed in the past by one of One-Eyed Willie's booby traps. Undaunted, the intrepid kids push on...
31. Card31.jpg Making Fruends With Sloth! Despite his great fear, Chunk manages to make friends with the giant Sloth by sharing a candy bar with him!
32. Card32.jpg Wishing Well Frenzy! In a wishing well grotto, illuminated by a shaft of light above, the Goonies find themselves covered in leeches! Only Data's quick-thinking saves the day...
33. Card33.jpg We've Gotta Save My Friends! Chunk and Sloth become good pals. They descend through the secret door in search of the other Goonies, who are being pursued by the murderous Mama Fratelli...
34. Card34.jpg Mr. Funnybone![2] The remains of a grinning skeleton, with a little help from Stef, points to the door the Goonies must enter to continue their treasure trek...
35. Card35.jpg No Other Way! To reach a skull-shaped opening on the opposite cavern wall, the Goonies must cross a long, crooked, wooden mast that stretches across a deep stream of rushing water...
36. Card36.jpg Caught In Between - ! The Goonies hold on for dear life as torrents of water rush through the cavern! Making matters worse, Mama and her gang are right behind them...
37. Card37.jpg Aiming For Trouble! The Fratellis, now crossing the mast, fire at the Goonies while trying to maintain their balance...
38. Card38.jpg Deadly Music! The Goonies reach an organ which is built into the side of a cavern wall. It is composed of human bones. In order to continue their treasure hunt, they must play the correct notes of music...
39. Card39.jpg Get It Right, Andy! Andy, the only Goonie with a little musical experience, plays the organ. Whenever she hits a wrong note, the floor gives way!
40. Card40.jpg Narrow Escape! As the Fratellis close in, Andy plays the last note of music and a giant boulder moves, providing and exit for the Goonies!
41. Card41.jpg The Water Slide! The Goonies have escaped into a steep, long water slide! Screaming, they duck and dodge various jutting rocks as they slide to the bottom!
42. Card42.jpg The Pirate Ship Cavern The Goonies find themselves in an enormous, underground cavern, a magical place with contains an awesome sight: a perfectly-preserved pirate vessel!
43. Card43.jpg Tentacles Of Death! Stef yells at Mouth, "Stop getting fresh!" But it isn't Mouth who's grabbing her under the water... it's a giant octopus.
44. Card44.jpg The Rockin' Octopus! Just as the octopus is about the engulf Andy, Data removes a cassette player from his backpack and tosses it into the monster's mouth! Freaked by the rock music, the octopus takes off...
45. Card45.jpg On Board! The kids climb aboard the pirate ship and everyone is speechless. It's like being in another world, a world long since forgotten by the citizens who live above...
46. Card46.jpg Well... Excuuuussse Me! While investigating the magnificent pirate ship, Mikey accidentally backs into the skeleton of the former captain, huddled over a huge, wooden steering well...
47. Card47.jpg Discovery Of The Treasure Cabin! At last... the Goonies have found what they were searching for! It's the fabulous treasure cabin of One-Eyed Willie, a room that is literally a garden of jewels!
48. Card48.jpg One-Eyed Willie [sic] Sitting in the middle of the cabin, at a long wooden table covered with a feast of treasure, is the skeleton of One-Eyed Willie. Mikey, in awe of the pirate, approaches and "introduces" himself...
49. Card49.jpg The Treasure Finders! The treasure of One-Eyed Willie is spectacular. Mikey can hardly believe his eyes as he scoops up some priceless doubloons...
50. Card50.jpg Wotta Haul! Even wise-cracking Stef is speechless as she examines some of the treasure found in One-Eyed Willie's cabin...
51. Card51.jpg Pretty As A Princess! In the treasure cabin of One-Eyed Willie, Andy tries on some of the priceless jewelry as the other Goonies explore the room...
52. Card52.jpg The Escape Plan The overjoyed Goonies stuff treasure into their shirts and pants. They've made it this far, in one piece, but they have to figure out a practical escape plan...
53. Card53.jpg Surprise... It's Mama! Suddenly, Mama Fratelli bursts into the treasure cabin and aims her gun at the Goonies. An enraged Data calls upon his numerous secret weapons... and they all fizzle out!
54. Card54.jpg Oh No... We've Had It! Mama Fratelli forces the kids to give up their treasure, then escorts them to the deck of the ship for a little "sport"...
55. Card55.jpg Andy Walks The Plank! Andy glares at Mama Fratelli. "You gross old witch!" With that, Mama forces her to walk the ship's plank. Can anything save Andy?
56. Card56.jpg Brand To The Rescue! Overcome by Andy's plight, Brand rushes over the edge of the ship after her! Underwater, he removes his bonds and pulls Andy to safety...
57. Card57.jpg Oh My Gosh... It's Captain Sloth! All seems lost for the Goonies. And then, with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, the incredible Sloth appears-!
58. Card58.jpg Battle Of The Fratellis Sloth, dressed in pirate attire he found on the ship, defends his Goonie friends and takes on his less-than loving brothers, who are quite surprised by his sudden appearance...
59. Card59.jpg Don't Mess With Sloth! Sloth's creepy brothers never treated him well... and now the gentle giant sees an opportunity to even the score!
60. Card60.jpg Head-On Collision! A rambunctious Sloth grabs his two brothers and knocks their heads together! Meanwhile, Chunk shows up and unties the other Goonies...
61. Card61.jpg A Strange Looking Sail! Sloth ties his subdued brothers to the mast and raises them like human flags. Mama, meantime, tries to reason with the giant fellow...
62. Card62.jpg What A Battle! Chunk dressed as a pirate (just like his hulking pal, Sloth) does his best to free the Goonies as the ship begins to sway...
63. Card63.jpg Goonies Vs. The Fratelli Gang! The Goonies, using their makeshift weapons, manage to hold off the Fratellis as the wild priate ship battle continues...
64. Card64.jpg Everybody! Off The Ship! Brand and Andy, now on shore, shout to the Goonies. "Jump, everybody! We've gotta get out of here... now!!"
65. Card65.jpg Mama In The Drink! Mama Fratelli sings a lullaby to Sloth, hoping to calm (and capture) him. But Sloth's no fool... he hurls Mama into the water!
66. Card66.jpg The Final Booby Trap! Back on board the pirate ship, Mama and her boys trigger One-Eyed Willie's last booby-trap... and the entire vessel begins to crumble!
67. Card67.jpg Goonies Triumphant! With Mama and the gang subdued, the Goonies have won! As the underground cavern collapses, they make their way to the surface with the aid of Data's dynamite stick!
68. Card68.jpg Back In The "Real" World! As the Goonies emerge, their parents, the police and various onlookers are there to greet them. Naturally, it's hard to believe their incredible story...
69. Card69.jpg Chunk's Clan! Good ole Chunk is reunited with his family. They're all rather chunky, aren't they? What bugs Chunk the most is that they couldn't bring back the treasure...
70. Card70.jpg Very Special Friends Earlier in the adventure, Andy kissed Mikey passionately, thinking he was brand. Mikey's always had a crush on Andy. The two remain great friends.
71. Card71.jpg Wait... He's A Good Guy! At the first sight of Sloth, the police think he's some kind of dangerous monster. Chunk assures them he's nothing less than a bona fide superhero!
72. Card72.jpg Long Live The Goonies! Well... that's the end of the adventure. The cops watch in awe as the pirate ship drifts majestically before them. At last, proof of the Goonie treasure hunt!
73. Card73.jpg Their Final Reward! Talk about your happy endings! Rosalita, the Walsh's maid, discovers the jewels Mikey took from One Eyed Willie's treasure chamber. Everyone is astonished... and elated!
74. Card74.jpg S'Long, Guys! It's been amazing. Incredible. Hard to believe. But it did happen... and who knows what else will happen the next time the Goonies get together! END OF STORY
75. Card75.jpg Making Up Sloth! Sloth, as portrayed by actor John Matuszak, is "assembled" by make-up artists before shooting a scene for THE GOONIES.
76. Card76.jpg Some Octopus! The giant octopus, a special effects creation of ILM[3] ("STAR WARS", "INDIANA JONES", etc.), awaits patiently as "THE GOONIES" cinematographers set up their cameras.
77. Card77.jpg Hello Down There!! Data, played by Ke Huy Quan, is suspended from a beam in an early sequence from "THE GOONIES". Ke recently played Short Round in "INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM".
78. Card78.jpg Slip-Sliding Away! The Goonies slide into the underground cavern towards the climax of the movie. It looks like fun, but the scene was extremely difficult to film.
79. Card79.jpg Pint-Sized Pirate! Yo ho ho, it's Chunk, wearing the fancy duds of a pirate. All the costumes seen in "THE GOONIES" were made especially for the film.
80. Card80.jpg The Map In Jeopardy! Obnoxious Troy Perkins, played by Steve Antin, takes the treasure map from Mikey and tries to burn it before Brand shows up.
81. Card81.jpg Portrait Of A Friendly Monster Another view of Sloth, the gentle giant who befriends Chunk and his Goonie pals. Sloth is played by John Matuszak.
82. Card82.jpg Outta Sight! On the deck of the magnificent pirate ship, the Goonies check things out. This "ship" set is among the most impressive ever built for a movie.
83. Card83.jpg Mikey's Private World Little Mikey Walsh, as played by actor Sean Astin, sits in his room in this early scene from "THE GOONIES". Mikey is a very imaginative kid, misunderstood by most of the adults in his life.
84. Card84.jpg We Call This "A Wrap"! Actor Jeff Cohen, who plays Chunk in "THE GOONIES", clowns around with the giant octopus, as publicity photographers snap his picture.
85. Card85.jpg The Goonie Pledge I will never betray my good dock friends, we will stick together until the whole world ends. Through heaven and hell, and nuclear war, Good pals like us will stick like tar. In the city, or the country, or the forest, or boonies, I am proudly declared, one of the Goonies!
86. Card86.jpg Checklist N/A

Sticker cards[edit | edit source]

Despite the set being composed of fifteen stickers and the back puzzle image being completable with them, variants on the back expand the back image, making the set come to twenty-two for a full set.

No. Name/Subject
01. Sticker1.jpg Data
02. Sticker2.jpg Mikey
03. Sticker3.jpg Sloth and the Goonies
04. Sticker4.jpg Chunk
05. Sticker5.jpg Andy, Stef, and Brand
06. Sticker6.jpg Save The Goon Docks
07. Sticker7.jpg Mouth
08. Sticker8.jpg Andy
09. Sticker9.jpg Sloth
10. Sticker10.jpg One-Eyed Willy
11. Sticker11.jpg Octopus
12. Sticker12.jpg The Goonies
13. Sticker13.jpg Skull
14. Sticker14.jpg Sloth
15. Sticker15.jpg Head Goonie

References and notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Data's full name is Richard Wang; this was a mistake made in a number of promotional materials.
  2. Card image is of the Bone Organ.
  3. Octopus prosthetic and puppetry developed by Burman Studios

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