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Goat Rock Beach is a state-owned beach in California, and was a filming location for The Goonies. It was used at the end of the film for Cauldron Point,[1] where the titular Goonies are reunited with their families.

The location is sometimes referred to as Bodega Bay, a town located nearby where the cast stayed during production.


The beach itself has large rock outcroppings next to and out in the ocean. One of these is "Arched Rock", featured prominently in the background of various shots used in The Goonies.

Behind the scenes[]

The scenes filmed at Goat Rock Beach were done on Super Bowl Sunday (January 20) of 1985, according to Joe Pantoliano.[2]

Additional shots during the end sequence, involving the Goonies looking down at the recovered gems in Rosalita's hands, as well as Chunk and Sloth's heart-to-heart, were filmed in Burbank, California.[3]



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