It's a stiff!

Chunk, coming face to face with the dead man

The FBI Man is an agent of the FBI who attempted to confront the Fratellis.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

He is first spotted going into the Lighthouse Lounge ahead of the Goonies with a coworker. Data mistakes him for an actual customer of the business. He is shot through the forehead and killed while the boys approach the building; they catch the Fratellis moving the body into the back, again mistaking him, this time for a bag of trash.

His body is discovered in the basement freezer, after Chunk excitedly opens the door and starts eating ice cream stored there. It falls out and they scramble to put it back before the Fratellis return. By the time he's put back into the freezer, Chunk is stuck there with it.

Later, when Chunk is captured by the Fratellis, he comes face to face with it yet again, letting out a horrified scream this time.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The "FBI Man", as he is known in the credits, is portrayed by stunt performer Ted Grossman, who also played a man who got eaten in Jaws.

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