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Ecola State Park is a federal state park south of Astoria and north of Cannon Beach.


Ecola State Park is heavily wooded with winding roads that pass through it. It overlooks Cannon Beach, and Haystack Rock can be seen from it.


The Goonies pass through Ecola State Park on their bikes, stopping once Mikey points out Haystack Rock as a landmark on One-Eyed Willy's map. Following directions translated off the map and using the doubloon to navigate the area, they discover the Lighthouse Lounge.

Ecola State Park is also where Brand runs into Troy, Stef, and Andy out on a drive through the area. He is sent over the edge of one of Ecola State Park's massive hills when Troy pins him to his car and lets go at the last second.


Behind the scenes[]

Much of The Goonies was filmed in Ecola State Park. The Lighthouse Lounge was built on location by set designers.


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