Mikey matches the holes in the doubloon to the rocks and the lighthouse.

The doubloon was a specific coin included with One-Eyed Willy's map.


The coin dates back to 1632 and has three small holes in it. These align with the Oregon coastline off of Cannon Beach, specifically with Haystack Rock and the Lighthouse Lounge.


The doubloon was discovered by Mikey in the Walsh's attic, after Chunk broke the case which held it. Following the map, the Goonies arrive on Cannon Beach and use the coin to decipher the start of the Willy's secret tunnels: the Lighthouse Lounge.

Chunk holds onto it and later drops the doubloon after being interrogated by the Fratellis. Jake and Francis confirm that it appears authentic, not merely a child's toy, suggesting that Chunk was telling the truth about One-Eyed Willy's treasure.

Behind the scenesEdit

The doubloon was made out of oxidized brass.[1]


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