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Corey Feldman is an actor and singer who portrayed Mouth in The Goonies.

Life and career[]

Born on July 16, 1971 in Reseda, California, Feldman's first appearance as an actor was in a McDonald's commercial when he was three years old. He starred in numerous other commercials as a child, as well as a number of television shows (such as Mork & Mindy and Cheers) and movies (The Fox and the Hound and Time After Time).

The movies that granted him fame were The Goonies, Gremlins, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys. The latter was notable, as it was his first movie with fellow actor Corey Haim; the two became close friends and their work together caused them to become popularly known as "The Two Coreys".

Feldman fell to a life of drug use, which he sprung back from, reaching out and working with lesser films and making his first album: Love Left. He shifted a focus to television, where he starred in shows such as The Surreal Life and The Two Coreys, a reality show focusing on him and Haim. He also did voice acting for the animated series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!. He has also appeared in a number of music videos for Moby, Neon Trees, Katy Perry, and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Outside of music and film, Feldman is an advocate for animal welfare and rights, as well as sexual abuse, especially for children.


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