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Cauldron Point is a landmark within Ecola State Park.


Overlooking the ocean, Cauldron Point features a view of multiple rock formations out in the water. It is attached to Cannon Beach.


Cauldron Point is where the Goonies escape out to, after finally finding a way out from One-Eyed Willy's cave system. Here, they are discovered by the police and reunited with their families. It is also where the Fratellis are arrested, and where they watch the Inferno sail away into the Pacific Ocean.

Behind the scenes[]

Cauldron Point is a fictional landmark and does not exist in the real world. Scenes for the final scene of The Goonies were filmed at Goat Rock Beach, California, instead of on location in Oregon.

Cauldron Point was also the name of the town the Goonies lived in in early drafts of the film. This was later changed to Astoria.