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Cannon Beach is a beach city in Oregon, United States. It is south of Astoria; Ecola State Park is located just north of it.

Its main landmark is that of Haystack Rock, a large sea stack off the shore of the beach.


To avoid the Astoria police, the Fratellis drive their Jeep Cherokee XJ through an ORV race on the beach; the number of similar cars help them escape.

Guided by an old pirate treasure map, the Goonies ride their bikes out to Cannon Beach. Using the doubloon found with the map and lining it up with Haystack Rock, Mikey discovers the entrance to the location of the treasure - the Lighthouse Lounge.

Behind the scenes[]

Parts of The Goonies were filmed on location on Cannon Beach; the city is located about twenty-five miles away from Astoria.

It is mentioned by name in the Stop 'N Snack deleted scene, when Mikey is cross-checking the map with a map of the surrounding area of Astoria.


  • If real world locations of Cannon Beach and Astoria are taken into consideration, the Goonies' bike ride down south would have taken at at least about two hours and twenty minutes to get there.


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