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The Astoria Country Club is a private country club in Astoria, Oregon.


The country club's members consist of the richer families in Astoria, including Mr. Perkins and his son, Troy. It has unknowingly been built over a series of caves carved out by One-Eyed Willy's pirate crew, after their ship had been trapped in a cave-in three centuries ago. Presumably the caves were known to some (but never fully explored) as piping was installed in one of the caves. Nearby is the "old Moss Garden Wishing Well".

Although never mentioned in The Goonies, the country club is meant to sit somewhere between Astoria and Ecola State Park.


Intending to take Andy and Stef to the club, Troy drives up there in his Ford Mustang. However, after he amused himself by sending Brand flying off a hill on a forest road over the protests of the girls, as well as offscreen sexually harassing Andy, the girls demand to be let out at someplace along the road close to the Lighthouse Lounge. As a result, he ends up going there by himself.

In the evening, when the Goonies discover a series of pipes in the caves and begin shaking and banging on them, plumbing mishaps start happening at the club: one of the showers is destroyed, with knobs recessing into the wall; a drinking fountain lowers into and rises from the ground, culminating in it knocking out a poor tennis player; Troy is blasted through the roof of the bathroom and off a toilet, water flooding everywhere.

Behind the scenes[]

In early versions of the movie, the country club was originally named the Hillside Country Club. The shower scene was extended, with "fecid brown backwash" blasting from the holes, but this was cut from the final product.

In the Stop 'N Snack deleted scene, Troy shouts about "court time", meaning that he and Andy were meant to go to the club to play tennis together.

The Astoria Country Club is a real location, named the Astoria Golf & Country Club, in Warrenton, Oregon.