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Astoria is a port city in Oregon, United States. It is the main setting in The Goonies. It was named after Fort Astoria, set up by American Fur Company investor John Jacob Astor.

The town is divided into two parts: the Goon Docks, the poorer, working-class side, and the "Hillside"[1], the richer side.


Filming locations[]

Behind the scenes[]

The working name for the town The Goonies was set in was Cauldron Point, possibly based on the location of the same name.

The Goonies was filmed on location in Astoria in 1984; buildings and locations featured in the film still exist and are visited by fans from across the globe.

The city houses the Oregon Film Museum, with a section dedicated to The Goonies, housing props from the film and providing information on its production. June 7th to the 10th is Astoria's annual "Goonies Day" celebration, with multiple Goonies-themed activities across the city.


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